What do you do?

I advise clients including companies, entrepreneurs as well as interest groups on the subjects of external and internal communication with a focus on reputation management and crisis prevention.

How did you come to what you do now?

After more than 25 years of professional experience in all areas of public relations, I have learned to distinguish the important. Economic or political action takes place in an environment with many influences. It is important to actively move in this environment, to create and to follow a clear course to overcome obstacles and I can advise the client, prepare the necessary communications program and implement it.

What do like about your job?

The fruitful discussion with new themes and especially the collaboration with my clients.

What makes you suitable for your work?

Education, experience, knowledge of human nature and my basic understanding of communication as a basis for any cooperation, economic or political success.

How has the area developed in which you operate?

Communication is becoming increasingly complex for businesses and for individuals, not least through social media. At the same time, communication is getting faster. It is now much easier to make private matters public. This increases the need for communications.

Jörg Huthmann

Jörg Huthmann

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